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I am a writer, mostly. When I’m not writing, I’m drawing or making movies. I’m excited about complex systems, such as the food supply chain, hopelessly attracted to challenges, such as crossing deserts, and curious about how things work.

You can see some of my writing by reading my books, Humans in Our Food (2021), Food Routes: Growing Bananas in Iceland and Other Tales from the Logistics of Eating (2019), Meat, Commerce and the City: The Food Markets in Nineteenth Century London (2012), and The New Wizard War (1988).

Before starting my Substack Newsletter, I wrote regularly on Medium.

When not writing, I draw. You can see some of my scribbles here on Instagram.

I am a historian, desert distance runner, author, producer, and food futurist with a lifelong hunger to take on irrational challenges. I’ve been known by my quest to track down the ingredients to dozens of meals in cities around the world.

You may find me speaking at events such as SXSW, Google’s Food Lab, PopTech, and TEDx.

While at The University of Texas at Austin, I’ve taught courses about the history of food and produced five food startup challenge prize events that provided funds for over 80 startups from around the world.

For the past eight years, I led Food+City, a non-profit dedicated to telling stories about the food supply chain through a print and digital magazine and supporting startups with an annual startup prize challenge.

Currently, I’m  working on a book about humans that work in the food system and a documentary film about Maine’s seafood community. View more here.

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